Utah Broadband Nonadopters Demand Study Released

Pete CodellaBroadband

nonadopter coverThe Utah Broadband Project is happy to announce the completion of the Utah Broadband Nonadopters Demand Study. The study focused on identifying nonadopters in Utah to determine their barriers to accessing the Internet.

The project contracted with Utah State University to complete the survey. To achieve this goal, the study team surveyed 500 residents who do not subscribe to home Internet service, resulting in over 27,000 calls made. This study provided information that can be used by policymakers and providers when planning for broadband adoption.

The Demand Survey is divided into regions to support the efforts of the project’s recent Regional Broadband Planning Council initiative. These sections provide some insight into regional broadband adoption and are intended to provide supplemental information to the statewide survey.

These regions include: Bear River Association of Governments (AOG) Region, Wasatch Front Regional Council, Mountainland AOG Region, Uintah Basin AOG Region, Six County AOG Region, Southeastern Utah Assocation of Local Governments Region and Five County AOG Region.

Click here to access the demand study final report.

The Utah Broadband Project also published the Utah Broadband Access report in 2011 that analyzed overall broadband adoption trends in Utah.