Utah Broadband Project Releases 2015 Broadband Atlas

Pete CodellaBroadband

Atlas Cov janThe Utah Broadband Project has released the 2015 2015 Utah Broadband Atlas, which gives an overview of Utah’s broadband landscape, while also summarizing the mapping and data resources compiled by the Utah Broadband Project over the past five years.

The Utah Broadband Project’s mapping team has collected data updates from local, regional and national broadband service providers twice a year since Spring of 2010. This data details broadband coverage areas, speeds and associated technical information. This data was used to create the maps in the atlas to provide stakeholders with a better understanding of broadband services, capabilities and related information across Utah.

The atlas highlights Utah’s telecommunications industry with maps that display the state’s fixed and mobile broadband coverage, broadband connections to community anchor institutions and the growth and change of Utah’s broadband coverage over the last five years. Click here to view the atlas.