Utah Leads the Nation in Internet Adoption

Pete CodellaBroadband

Utah continues to lead the nation in home broadband adoption, according to a recent study. Approximately 80% of Utah homes have Internet access, compared with 69% nationally.

The study, “Exploring the Digital Nation: Computer and Internet Use at Home,” compiled by the U.S. Department of Commerce, evaluated household internet adoption nationwide, including mobile broadband use.

The report was compiled using 2010 U.S. Census data and includes information on broadband adoption amongst various demographics based on household income, the presence of school-age children in the home, age, race and ethnicity, disability status, and urban vs. rural locations. Accross the nation, lower income families, those less educated, the disabled, minorities and rural residents generally had lower adoption rates.

The Salt Lake Tribune attributed Utah’s high adoption rate to the State’s young population (Utah has the lowest average age in the nation), its high population concentration along the Wasatch Front, its high concentration of tech startups, and its ability to attract high-tech companies.

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