Utah’s Education Superhighway

Pete CodellaBroadband

uenUtah’s children are no longer being educated to compete solely with students in the Intermountain West. More than ever, these students are competing on a global stage. Investing in information networks ensures that Utah’s students are ready and able to compete in this globalized economy.

The Utah Education Network (UEN) connects Utah school districts, libraries, governments, higher education institutions, other public entities, and most importantly Utah’s children to a robust network that provides quality educational resources.

UEN is an essential tool in enabling Utah’s citizens to reach the state’s goal of 66% of Utah’s adult population receiving postsecondary degrees or certificates and raising the reading and mathematics skills of our state’s youth by 2020.

UEN is an increasingly important asset to the state because it provides connections to many remote and rural educational institutions. In order for these children to compete in a global economy they need the resources UEN provides.

UEN is one of the nation’s most premiere education networks. UEN serves more than 200,000 students, 64,000 educators and staff from schools and universities, and 285,000 preschoolers under the age of six. In addition to schools, UEN serves Utah’s public libraries and their TV station reaches over 900,000 households.

Ray Timothy, CEO and Executive Director of UEN recently did an interview with Deseret News about UEN, click here to read the full length interview.