White House Unveils ConnectEd Initiative

Pete CodellaBroadband

connectedThe White House recently unveiled its new ConnectEd Initiative, which calls on the FCC to connect 99 percent of the nation’s schools with high-speed broadband service within the next five years. The Initiative’s main goals include improving access through the following methods:

  • Upgrading Connectivity – The President plans to work with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) to leverage existing programs and connect America’s schools.
  • Training Teachers –  ConnectEd will focus on helping teachers integrate new technologies into the classroom. These technologies will allow teachers to participate in online professional development, utilize real-time assessments and online lessons, and open their classrooms to interactive demonstrations, discussions and presentations.
  • Encouraging Private Sector Innovation – The White House will also focus on encouraging private sector investments in devices that utilize high-speed broadband networks. These devices will give students greater access to online tools including richer content, foreign language instruction, and one-on-one academic assistance.

Focusing on these areas will help students learn important job skills in the classroom and will help the United States maintain a globally competitive workforce.