CEO Demonstrates How to do Business in Mexico at the Utah Global Forum

Pete CodellaIn the News

(This is a translation of the MundoTec article that published on October 30, 2014.)

Cristina Hernandez, Professor of Entrepreneurship and International Business Campus Guadalajara, gave a presentation at the Utah Global Forum on doing business in Mexico and not underestimating the Mexican consumer.

The presentation took place in Salt Lake City and was organized by the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, the World Trade Center Utah and the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce. It featured various exponents on topics such as financing and capital investment, success in China, Global Brand Management, among others.

The event’s goal was to provoke an inspirational, educational and entertaining experience for business leaders through short 15 minute presentations.

In the case of Cristina Hernandez, CEO of the company “Managed Strategies”, the presentation focused on the telling of her experience of doing business in Mexico, and she encouraged the public not to give up and to use the following three business tips when dealing with consumers:

Invest in the intangible.
• Work on relationships with employers
• Be loyal
• Support the partners of the chains
• Negotiate a win – win

Do not give up.
• It will take time to achieve the desired objectives
• Insist with phone calls
• Be persistent

Be Flexible.
• Know how to negotiate in cases of changes or deals
• React quickly
• Handle last minute emergencies

With these assumptions, the teacher told of his experiences as a consultant to both American companies and Mexican companies, and the success she had using the steps described above.