In Their Words: Annette Meier

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Interview with Annette Meier, COO and president, Superior Drilling Products

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Annette Meier is a home-grown girl who is fortunate to live in a state she loves. 

Growing up, she never dreamed she would own her own business. Yet, that is exactly what Meier accomplished. As president and COO of Superior Drilling Products, she owns a successful oil and gas service company.

Meier is instrumental in governing international business development of the company, as well as developing and overseeing the expansion of domestic markets. 

Since the company’s inception in 1999, Meier has managed the company’s day-to-day operations and business. In 2005, she served as creator and chief architect of the Ropers Business Park, a state-of-the-art campus that houses the company’s manufacturing facilities in Vernal.

In 2008, she envisioned and co-created “CHUCK,” the company’s custom shop management and inventory program software. Meier was also instrumental in developing the company’s Nucleus grinding system, currently utilized in the company’s remanufacturing process. 

Meier is the recipient of numerous state, local and industry awards and is recognized her for innovation and leadership. She serves as director and board member on multiple boards where she has a wide variety of responsibilities.

How did you get started in the industry?
I started in the oil and gas industry when the Salt Lake City-based company my husband worked for was bought and relocated to Houston, Texas. I moved to Vernal with my husband (and business partner) and three children, and we started our business known today as Superior Drilling Products.

What recent professional accomplishments are you most proud of?
In May 2014, we decided to take our company public on the New York Stock Exchange (SDPI). This was an enormous challenge for such a small company, and we are fortunate to have accomplished such a massive undertaking. In 2018, we started looking at expanding internationally. Our foothold in the Mid-East is beginning to take shape, and we are growing nicely. 

What drew you to Utah?
I was born and raised on the Wasatch Front, and have been fortunate to travel around the world, but Utah will always be home for me. Vernal has been my home for 26 years. It’s a great place to raise my family. 

I enjoy being surrounded by Mother Nature’s beauty with majestic mountains, lakes, deserts and outdoor activities. Nothing beats experiencing the four seasons and the changes they bring. Utah has something for everyone.

What do you like most about doing business in Utah?
Utah has a pro-business and welcoming environment. The “family feel” in the state adds a lot of value to individuals living here and attracts companies to Utah. 

Most of Utah’s counties are rural, and with that, comes challenges. Our community relies heavily on oil and gas development, government and tourism. With many new companies moving to Utah, Gov. Herbert continues to make a push to create jobs in rural Utah, and I look forward to the diversity it will bring to rural counties.

What advice do you have for individuals considering starting a business or relocation their business to Utah?
Understand the location you need and what type of talent you are looking for. GOED does a fantastic job promoting Utah, and I recommend utilizing their knowledge and expertise. Utah has open spaces and open minds. 

What is your primary challenge of doing business in Utah?
Being in rural Utah with its small population base, we struggle to grow our company due to the lack of qualified machinists and other technical positions. 

We compete with companies along the Wasatch Front frequently. But we have a fantastic team that loves what the eastern side of the state has to offer.

What is your personal business philosophy?
Each of us has something great to offer. Great ideas come from individuals who feel valued; your job title is secondary.

Family always comes first at Superior Drilling Products.

Fun fact about myself.
I love spending time at Flaming Gorge, where I caught my personal best-a 32-pound lake trout.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
My greatest accomplishment is my family. I love being a grandma to my nine grandchildren.

Annette Meier, president and COO, of Superior Drilling Products, is instrumental in developing and overseeing the expansion of domestic markets.