Programs & Initiatives

The Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity (Go Utah) manages various programs and initiatives that are robust, diverse, and provide Utah entrepreneurs and businesses with distinct advantages.

A few examples include the office’s Business Services and Corporate Retention and Recruitment teams that help Utah businesses grow. Go Utah’s International Trade and Diplomacy team supports the expansion of Utah businesses into foreign markets and manages the hosting of foreign dignitaries for the governor. Our Talent Ready Utah team works to prepare workers for the competitive global marketplace.

The Office of Economic Opportunity includes the Utah Office of Tourism, the Utah Office of Outdoor Recreation, and the Utah Film Commission. The tourism office promotes Utah as a world-class destination for domestic and international visitors. The state’s outdoor recreation office — the country’s first of its kind — helps ensure Utahns live healthy and active lifestyles. And the Film Commission supports Utah’s robust film industry and manages Utah motion picture incentives that keep the state on the screen and business and recreation in Utah top of mind.

Go Utah’s programs and initiatives are defined by the state Legislature, in consultation with Utah's executive branch, and administered by the office’s capable public servants.

  • Center for Rural Development

    The Center for Rural Development works with businesses in Utah’s rural counties, providing resources and programs to sustain business and improve employment opportunities. LEARN MORE

  • Corporate Retention & Recruitment

    Effective economic opportunity tools for business expansion, workforce development, and industry growth. LEARN MORE

  • International Trade & Diplomacy

    The International Diplomacy Office facilitates diplomacy for the state and leverages diplomatic contacts to develop and expand foreign markets for Utah. LEARN MORE

  • Opportunity Zones

    There are 46 federal Opportunity Zones located throughout the state, which provide investors with endless potential to generate lasting community impact while earning significant returns. LEARN MORE

  • Pete Suazo Utah Athletic Commission

    The commission regulates professional unarmed combat sports, including boxing, kickboxing, and mixed martial arts. LEARN MORE

  • Procurement Technical Assistance Center

    PTAC helps Utah businesses to find, bid and win procurement opportunities with federal, state, and local government entities. LEARN MORE

  • Talent Ready Utah

    Talent Ready Utah seeks to optimize efforts made by education and industry partnerships, working collectively to build a highly-skilled workforce while providing students with increased career and education opportunities. LEARN MORE

  • Targeted Industries

    Utah works to create sustainable advantages around emerging and mature sectors. The state convenes constituents and organizes strategies to support and build specific industries in its robust, diverse economy. LEARN MORE

  • Utah Adopt-A-School

    Offers businesses opportunities to engage dynamically in Utah’s K-12 schools to foster an ecosystem of support, innovation, and career exploration for student success and access to opportunity. LEARN MORE

  • Utah Broadband Center

    The Utah Broadband Center works to support broadband deployment throughout the state, improve efficiencies, and expand statewide access and usage. LEARN MORE

  • Utah Film Commission

    The Utah Film Commission markets the entire state of Utah for film, television, and commercial production. It provides quality work for Utah's contractors and entrepreneurs who support film production with cast and crew, and every kind of service, from hotels to catering and dry cleaning to set construction. LEARN MORE

  • Utah Immigration Assistance Center

    The Utah Immigration Assistance Center coordinates with state and federal government partners to facilitate the successful use of foreign labor programs. The center coordinates with other entities engaged in international efforts and helps connect Utah businesses and individuals with immigration resources. LEARN MORE

  • Utah Innovation Center

    The award-winning Utah Innovation Center catalyzes technology innovation and helps secure nondilutive funding for Utah startups. LEARN MORE

  • Utah Main Street Program

    The Utah Main Street Program helps communities revitalize their economy, appearance, and image of downtown commercial districts. LEARN MORE

  • Utah Office of Outdoor Recreation

    Founded in 2013, the Utah Office of Outdoor Recreation helps ensure Utahns can live healthy and active lifestyles through outdoor recreation. LEARN MORE

  • Utah Office of Regulatory Relief

    The Utah Office of Regulatory Relief works to create a framework for analyzing risk levels to Utah consumers related to health, safety, and financial well-being. LEARN MORE

  • Utah Office of Tourism

    The Utah Office of Tourism stimulates traveler spending in Utah and helps destinations around the state manage and responsibly grow their tourism infrastructure and economy. LEARN MORE