Leading Groundbreaking Achievements and Giving Back: Dr. Greg Critchfield’s Impact on Utah’s Life Sciences Community

Jackie BorgetUtah Innovation Center

Dr. Greg Critchfield’s career is marked by significant achievements, including leading several groundbreaking advancements in healthcare technology. As a successful business executive and former SBIR reviewer and section chair, Dr. Critchfield is committed to fostering innovation in Utah’s thriving ecosystem. 

“Entrepreneurs need to have enthusiasm and perseverance to help carry them through what is often an arduous journey,” Dr. Critchfield stated. “The greatest competition that groundbreaking innovation faces is overcoming the inertia of the status quo and overcoming apathy. It is important to work with the right team of dedicated and talented experts to help navigate the dynamic landscape that a start-up company must confront.”

Enthusiasm and perseverance are important for Dr. Critchfield, who, while practicing medicine as a consulting pathologist with Intermountain Health Care, also served for over 15 years as an SBIR grant reviewer and section chair in biomedical computing for the National Institutes of Health. His expertise in medicine and technology contributed to this role and continues today as he mentors others applying for the SBIR/STTR programs. His involvement in reviewing biomedical computing grants offered him a unique perspective on innovative research initiatives. He often witnessed unconventional yet promising proposals during his tenure as a reviewer. Dr. Critchfield highlights the importance of clear, well-structured grant proposals designed to address significant unmet needs and emphasizes the significance of innovation in shaping the future of healthcare.

Dr. Critchfield’s career boasts several noteworthy accomplishments, including pushing the envelope in diagnostics by driving advancements in cytology, genomics, proteomics, and epigenomics. At Quest Diagnostics, his team led early broad efforts to adopt new liquid cytology technologies, improving the accuracy of diagnostic procedures. Additionally, while president of Myriad Genetic Laboratories, Myriad teams contributed to the commercialization of pioneering genomic testing, enabling better decision-making in patient care. He is also incredibly proud of the work performed by the forensic analysis team at Myriad, who conducted first-pass DNA forensic analysis to help identify victims of the World Trade Center attacks. 

At Sera Prognostics, he led the company through its scientific discovery stages to become a public company, demonstrating how to improve the well-being of newborns by protein biomarker assessment of risk for prematurity and intervening proactively in pregnancies at high risk. Dr. Critchfield continues to drive innovation in his current role as CEO of EarlyDiagnostics Inc., focusing on early cancer detection, enabling more effective treatment.

Dr. Critchfield was recently honored with the Governor’s Medal of Science and Technology, celebrating his achievements and impact on the state’s innovation ecosystem. His legacy inspires aspiring entrepreneurs and underscores the boundless potential for innovation within Utah’s vibrant business community.