NASA Announces New SBIR IGNITE Program for Summer 2022

Kaitlyn ClarkeUtah Innovation Center

NASA SBIR IGNITE is included in the SBIR/STTR program. It’s a new way for small businesses with a commercially-viable technology idea to use NASA as a stepping stone in their path toward commercial success. NASA seeks to fund relevant ideas in the commercial market while contributing to the agency’s goals in aeronautics and space technology development. 

How is NASA SBIR Ignite different: 

  • Commercialization: While traditional NASA SBIR/STTR solicitations also evaluate commercial potential and feasibility, many technologies address a specific NASA challenge or need and have a goal of getting infused into a NASA mission or being sustained with NASA as a key customer. NASA IGNITE  seeks technologies that will stimulate and integrate into commercial markets. 
  • Engagement: NASA IGNITE opportunities include direct engagement with a panel of experts for selected companies. 
  • Topics: NASA IGNITE solicitations will include topics relevant to emerging commercial markets in aerospace. 
  • Less Prescriptive Solicitation: NASA IGNITE solicitations will be less prescriptive, encouraging companies to maintain their go-to-market strategies.
  • Shorter Proposal: Technical Proposals will require less time to prepare. 
  • Accelerated Award Schedule: NASA IGNITE Phase II proposal will be accepted earlier in the Phase I period, allowing Phase II awards to be made faster.

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