Utah Small Businesses Win Over $6 million from Dept. of Energy for R&D

Pete CodellaUtah Innovation Center

The Utah Industry and Innovation Center congratulates five Utah companies who have been awarded a total of $6,120,000 to advance novel technologies from the Department of Energy. In this round of funding, Coreform, LLC received in-depth assistance from the Center who also worked with many of the companies at various levels. The awards are through the federal Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Phase II/IIB programs which offer highly competitive, non-equity positioned funds for research and development of new technologies.

The companies and their projects are:

Coreform, LLC, Orem, Utah

SBIR Phase IIB, $1,150,000: An Isogeometric Approach to Streamlining High-end Structural Dynamics Simulation for Automotive and Other Applications

Within industry, there is a complexity of setting up and running computer-aided engineering simulations. Coreform’s innovation streamlines the pipeline from design to simulation, returning more accurate results and offering cost savings for its users. 

HiFunda, LLC, Salt Lake City, Utah

SBIR Phase II, $1,150,000: Stable High-Temperature Molten Salt Reference Electrodes

HiFunda is working on efficient nuclear reactors in this project collaborating with the Idaho National Lab and the University of Utah.  The project will design, develop, and demonstrate an enabling technology for next-generation, salt-cooled nuclear reactors with power generation efficiencies of about 60% compared to 30% for conventional water-cooled nuclear reactors.

Reaction Engineering International, Midvale, Utah

SBIR Phase IIB, $1,070,000: Leveraging the Uintah Computational Framework for Commercial Simulation of Industrial Flares

High performance computing has experienced tremendous advances but is still underutilized by industry. This project leverages the Uintah Computational Framework for high fidelity commercial simulation of industrial flares to reduce emissions from these heavily utilized devices. 

Storagenergy Technologies, Inc., Salt Lake City, Utah

SBIR Phase II, $1,150,000: Multi-Functional Metal/Ceramic Separators for Nonaqueous Redox Flow Batteries

Storagenergy’s proposed technology enables the production of nonaqueous redox flow batteries with high energy efficiency, high power density and long cycling life making it extremely attractive for stationary energy storage and electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.

ViSUS, Salt Lake City, Utah

STTR Phase II, $1,600,000VisStore: Seamless Acquisition, Storage, and Distribution of Massive Imagery Blending Cloud, Local, and HPC Storage

ViSUS’s project creates an easy-to-use storage device and software platform to improve productivity for scientists and engineers with scalable and flexible workflows enabling data analysis, processing and visualization. This will accelerate scientific discovery and decision making.

The Utah Industry and Innovation Center has helped Utah small businesses pursue SBIR and STTR grants for over 12 years and has a success rate almost twice the national average. If your Utah small business is working on innovative technology and needs funding for research and development, or would like to explore this opportunity, please contact us at innovationutah@utah.gov .