Utah Technology Innovation Funding

Utah Technology Innovation Funding (UTIF) is a program to support Utah small companies in their efforts to develop novel technology and products through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs. Utah applicants and winners can apply for microgrants and nonrecourse loans.

Eligible Phase I applicants may seek microgrants to offset the costs of writing an SBIR/STTR proposal.

Eligible Phase I winners may seek nonrecourse loans to help bridge the gap between Phase I and Phase II SBIR/STTR R&D efforts.

Read the Utah Technology Innovation Funding announcement here.


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If you already have login credentials, you can access the portal by clicking on the Apply Now button, where you’ll find the applications for the SBIR/STTR Microgrant and the SBIR/STTR Gap Funding Nonrecourse Loan.

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If you have questions, view the application guide or reach out to innovationutah@utah.gov, and you’ll receive a response within one business day.

Frequently asked questions, along with their answers, are in the FAQ section below.

Frequently Asked Questions