Outdoor Recreation Summit

2021 Utah Outdoor Recreation Summit

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The Utah Office of Outdoor Recreation hosts the 8th annual Utah Outdoor Recreation Summit. Usually a large, three-day event, the 2021 Utah Outdoor Recreation Summit is two regional gatherings this year. The first one took place in Logan on Sept. 22-23, and the next one will be in Kanab on Oct. 27-28. 

The Summit is a gathering place for all sectors of the outdoor recreation industry to build a vision together for the future, health, and vitality of outdoor recreation in Utah. Through programming, networking, and outdoor activities, this event focuses on strengthening outdoor recreation communities, the outdoor recreation economy, and improving health and quality of life for all Utahns.

“Our Summit in Logan was a remarkable opportunity to connect again as stakeholders in outdoor recreation after more than a year of incredible growth and impact to outdoor recreation,” said Pitt Grewe, director of the Utah Office of Outdoor Recreation, an initiative of the Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity. “We’re looking forward to another successful event in Kanab and invite anyone passionate about Utah’s outdoors to join us.”

At the September Summit in Logan, attendees had the opportunity to hear from outdoor recreation leaders, including our keynote speakers:

  • Toya Eastman – Assistant Manager, Youth Program Coach, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee Chair at Momentum Millcreek
  • Brad Wilson – Speaker of the Utah House of Representatives
  • Brian Steed – Director of the Utah Department of Natural Resources
  • Pitt Grewe – Director of the Office of Outdoor Recreation
  • Vicki Varela – Managing Director of the Utah Office of Tourism

Speaker Brad Wilson has been a strong proponent for increasing access to and opportunities for outdoor recreation in the state. Under his leadership, the Utah House of Representatives has passed landmark legislation, including historical funding for outdoor recreation, creating two new state parks, and forming a commission to oversee Utah’s current outdoor assets and future recreation opportunities. 

“It’s no secret that Utah’s outdoor recreation opportunities are among the best in the world,” said Speaker Brad Wilson. “As our state population and tourism industry continues to grow and the strain on our natural resources increases, we must be proactive in expanding, enhancing, and maintaining our recreational assets. Making strategic investments now will ensure Utah remains the best place to live, work, and play for us, our children, and our grandchildren.” 

Join us in Kanab to hear keynote speeches from:

  • Dr. Steve Neeleman – Founder & Vice Chairman of HealthEquity
  • Jake Palma – Bears Ears National Monument Manager
  • Mylo Fowler – Owner & Photographer at MyloFowler.com
  • Hilary Lambert – CEO of Wasatch Mountain Institute
  • Alex Porpora – Executive Director of Utah Society for Environmental Education

This year’s theme is “Outdoors Elevated,” and the Summit does just that — elevates the outdoors. The office seeks to build on the appreciation and admiration for the outdoors and continue to promote the outdoors, outdoor communities, and the people and organizations that make outdoor recreation possible.

To register for the Summit, please visit utahoutdoorsummit.com.


Utah is home to the first Office of Outdoor Recreation in the country. The office helps ensure all Utah residents have access to public lands and wild spaces to pursue the recreation of their choice. At 75%, a majority of the state consists of public lands, and there are endless recreation opportunities, from winter sports to desert adventures.

The state is continuing its investment in outdoor infrastructure through the Utah Outdoor Recreation Grant. With these grant opportunities, more individuals can experience the outdoors. With these investments, Utah continues to drive the economy in many different sectors.