Boeing Grants Utah STEM Foundation $75K to Launch ‘Utah STEM Collective Impact’ Study

Pete CodellaNews

Boeing has announced that it is granting the Utah STEM Foundation $75,000 to support the Utah STEM Action Center (STEM AC) in launching the “Utah STEM Collective Impact” study.

“We are ecstatic about Boeing’s level of commitment to STEM education in the State of Utah,” said Allison Spencer, director of the Utah STEM Foundation. “Boeing has been an industry champion, working with many key stakeholders to assess the effectiveness of our efforts in STEM education and talent development.”

The “Utah STEM Collective Impact” analysis focuses on the impact of STEM education efforts to prepare Utah students for entry into STEM careers while also gauging their bearing on the state’s long-term economic growth. Boeing’s contribution will allow the STEM AC to expand their collaborative work with existing partners, including Davis School District and the Utah Education Policy Center, to measure impacts of STEM education efforts.

“Our people have unique skills and an unwavering passion for making a difference in the world, both through our products and services, and the ways we give back to our communities,” said Dennis Muilenburg, Boeing chairman, president and chief executive officer. “When that’s combined with our professional networks, partnerships and financial resources, we have the potential to drive positive, lasting change across the globe in important areas such as STEM learning.”

Information gathered in the course of this analysis will build upon data the STEM AC and other partners have collected to help maximize outcomes and inform future activities.

“We are excited about the collaborative nature of this project,” said Dr. Tamara Goetz, STEM Action Center executive director. “Are students gravitating to STEM fields because of these efforts? Choosing STEM careers? We need to identify effective practices, as well as understand how we are making a difference and where we can improve our efforts to promote student interest. Boeing’s generous support helps us to build our capacity to work with partners to address critical longitudinal questions.”