Brazilian Tourism Seminar Boosts Interest in Utah

Pete CodellaNews

The Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development’s tourism office hosted a tourism seminar in São Paulo, Brazil as a part of the State of Utah’s trade mission the Governor is leading in Brazil this week. Governor Herbert expounded on the many attractions that make Utah a prime destination for Brazilian tourists. His presentation to top producing tour operators, travel agents and executives from American Airlines and other tour operators was received with enthusiasm.

Utah boasts a $7.4 billion tourism industry. The state’s natural beauty is marketed by the Utah Office of Tourism through their “The Mighty 5®” advertising campaign, promoting Utah’s five iconic national parks. This year, Utah is promoting its world-leading ski destinations with the “Find Your Greatest®” advertising campaign.  Each year the State attracts more than 20 million tourists to Utah for both winter and summer vacations.

“Brazil’s middle class has grown from 34 percent to 55 percent of the population since 2005,” said Governor Herbert. “This rapid economic growth has put millions more Brazilians in a position to travel. We want them coming to Utah.”

American Airlines director of sales and marketing – Brazil, Dilson Verçosa Jr., announced a new flight from São Paulo to Los Angeles with convenient connections to Utah as part of their presentation explaining how to get to Utah from Brazil. The new flight will provide Brazilian tourists with a more convenient travel route to the state’s attractions.

Utah’s biggest market for Brazilian tourism is skiing. Global specialist, Bruno Schwarz, presented the “Find you Greatest®,” a new winter campaign highlighting the unique aspects of Utah skiing, such as “The Greatest Snow on Earth®.”

Utah offers incredible accessibility to winter travelers. Visitors can be on the slopes at any one of 11 different ski resorts within an hour of arriving at Salt Lake City International Airport. In light of Brazil’s recent economic boom, Utah expects to see a substantial influx of Brazilians coming through its terminals.

The dazzling images of Utah’s iconic “The Mighty 5®” national parks and world class ski resorts presented during the seminar, were highlighted with the Tony Award-winning Shakespeare Festival in central Utah’s Cedar City, in the summer, and the world famous Sundance Film Festival in Park City, in the winter, are expected to draw significant numbers of people to the state.

The seminar promoted the fact that Utah is more than simply a parks or ski destination. Thousands of miles of world class hiking and mountain bike trails, sandstone towers and wild rivers make Utah a prime destination for the prospective international traveler. Utah caters to tourists and outdoorsmen year round.

As a consequence of the importance of outdoor recreation, Utah was the first state in the nation with an Outdoor Recreation Office (ORO). The office brings knowledgeable authorities who promote the high quality of life and pristine nature found in the state, because Utah is far more than just a state, Utah is a “state of mind.” Sculpted by wind, water and time, Utah’s landscape is the perfect canvas for your next adventure. Plan your best vacation at

Following tourism seminar in São Paulo, Governor Herbert and Val Hale, GOED executive director, visit with Brazilian tour operators.

Governor Herbert in São Paulo, addresses tour operators on the unique tourism opportunities that the State of Utah has to offer.