Eden Announces Opening of Ogden Office

Pete CodellaNews

A San Francisco-based market-leading workplace management platform company has a new place to call home.

Eden selected Ogden as its new location to build its inside sales team.

“Ogden is an innovative city with a young, talented workforce,” said Mayor Mike Caldwell. “We are excited to welcome Eden to our city as an innovative company that will create high-paying jobs for professionals in Ogden’s technology and software industry.”

The company provides office managers with the vendors they need to run their facilities—ranging from IT and cleaning services, to snack purchases and handymen. Eden also offers easy-to-use software for a centralized vendor bid collection and a billing system. Using Eden, workplace teams can ensure they have the best possible experience for their employees, as well as save time and money.

Support from the Economic Development Corporation of Utah made Eden’s decision to locate to Ogden possible. EDCUtah acted as the initial point of contact and introduced Eden to Ogden City.

“The entrepreneurial culture you find in Utah and Ogden is a great fit for companies like Eden looking for inside sales talent,” said Theresa A. Foxley, president and CEO of EDCUtah. “We look forward to the company’s long-term presence here.”