Gov. Gary R. Herbert Visits Luxembourg’s American Cemetery and Memorial

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The Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) reported today that Gov. Gary R. Herbert, accompanied by Western Europe Trade mission delegates, visited the Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial to pay respects to fallen soldiers. The governor’s visit falls less than a week after the 71st anniversary of D-Day.

“Our visit to the Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial this afternoon was one of the most significant stops of our European trade mission,” Gov. Herbert said. “As we strive to forge better international trade relationships and build Utah’s economic strength, it is important to reflect on our history. We are grateful for those who came before us, for their sacrifice to build a strong foundation for our country and state. We honor them today.”

The Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial was established on Dec. 29, 1944 during one of Germany’s most deadly attacks—Battle of the Bulge, which also has its 71st Anniversary this December. Today, 5,076 service members are laid to rest in the Luxembourg American Cemetery. Thirteen Utah soldiers were buried, and one was listed as missing in action.

The famed General George S. Patton, best known as leader of the U.S. Third Army in France and Germany following the Allied invasion of Normandy, is also buried in the cemetery.

Following his remarks, the governor laid a wreath for Utah’s fallen soldiers. The wreath states, “They Shall Not Be Forgotten: Utah Remembers.”

“While the Governor’s Office of Economic Development is busy building business, it is very important that we pause and reflect on what truly matters,” said Val Hale, executive director of GOED. “Part of GOED’s mission is improving the quality of life for Utah residents. That would not even be a possibility without the sacrifices of those who came before us.”

The day’s activities also include a meeting with Crown Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg at the Grand Ducal Palace. The Crown Prince visited Utah with an economic delegation just last year and formalized the appointment of David Murrell as the Honorary Consul of Luxembourg for Utah.

Utah Soldiers Buried in the Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial

Darrell H. Argubright
Houston B. Baxter
James L. Belliston, Jr.
Duane H. Callister
Calvin C. Dobson
Howard L. Hickenlooper
Robert G. Hilton
Willis A. Jensen
Ned G. McCluskey
Lee J. Osborne
Gordon B. Swan
Jessie L. Whitlock
Frank Williams
Missing in Action: Sherwin V. Olsen