Kaddas Enterprises, Inc. Receives prestigious award for their International success

Pete CodellaNews

Kaddas Enterprises, a small, Woman Owned Thermoform Plastic Manufacturer located in Salt Lake City, is pleased to announce that Natalie Kaddas, general manager of Kaddas Enterprises, was recognized as the 2015 Utah International Business Woman of the Year by the Salt Lake Chamber and Organization of Women in International Trade, Utah Chapter (OWIT-Utah).

Kaddas BirdguarD™ offers the most extensive Wildlife Protection Product Line in the industry with over 210 types of BirdguarD™ covers.

Kaddas BirdguarD™ Wildlife Protection Products are utilized by many American and international electrical utility companies. Worldwide, BirdguarD™ products are performing strong in four continents.

In 2014, Kaddas Enterprises international exports grew over 900% from 2013.

Natalie Kaddas acknowledges that the company’s exporting success began with a State Trade and Export Promotion (STEP) Grant. “We knew we were positioned for growth. The STEP Grant from the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) helped offset expenses allowing us the opportunity to participate in trade missions to some key markets,” Kaddas said.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, animal caused electrical outages account for 18% of all power outages, and their economic impact is estimated annually in the billions of dollars.

Kaddas is proud partners with many national and international groups & utility industry companies, sharing a common goal of realizing uninterrupted service with associated savings and reliability for energy consumers, while creating a sustainable environment for wildlife.

Kaddas Enterprises has operated since 1987, offering a full line of Kaddas BirdguarD™ Wildlife Protection Products. For more information, please visit kaddas.com or call 1-888-658-5003. Kaddas Enterprises Inc. 3588 West Directors Row Salt Lake City, Utah 84104