New Rural Economic Development Leader at GOED Brings Decades of Experience

Pete CodellaNews

Val Hale, executive director of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development recently announced the appointment of Linda Clark Gillmor as the new Associate Managing Director for Urban and Rural Business Services and Director of the Office of Rural Development. In this expanded role, Gillmor will expand on her many years of economic development experience to bring a new focus to both rural and urban business service needs.

The title replaces Director of the Office of Rural Development, a position most recently held by Delyn Fielding, who returned to pursue rural development opportunities on a local level. Gillmor’s title is reflective of GOED’s recent restructuring, designed to help the charter better fulfill its mission for the state. Gillmor will report directly to Ben Hart, recently appointed managing director for urban and rural business services.

In making the announcement Hale noted: “Linda Clark Gillmor has been actively involved in rural business for over 37 years; as co-owner of a family livestock business and one of the original co-founders of Morgan Valley Lamb, a company dedicated to marketing local agricultural products.” Hale continued, “As the Economic Development Director for Millard County, Linda has been a strong advocate for all rural counties. She has championed efforts to increase collaboration between urban and rural business communities, state and federal agencies and industry associations.”

Gillmor was most recently the economic development director for Millard County, where she served since 2007. While in that position she was recognized by economic leaders from around the state as often bringing both private and public perspectives together in mutually beneficial partnerships.

“We keep adding incredible talent and experience to the GOED team and we couldn’t be more pleased with Linda’s appointment,” said Ben Hart, managing director. “Linda brings with her extensive experience not only in rural development but as a rural business owner herself. Linda really knows the needs and desires of our rural communities, and we are excited to have so many voices heard.”

In beginning her new position at GOED, Gillmor said, “I am honored to be joining GOED in their efforts to grow rural businesses throughout the state. As a rural economic development director in Millard County I found that collaborating with other rural counties, service providers and government and industry organizations to be the key to finding solutions for common challenges and opportunities. I look forward to serving as a bridge between rural communities and GOED and am thrilled to help rural Utah realize its potential.”

Gillmor has a BA degree in Business from Utah State University as well as an MS degree in Human Resources from the same institution. She has served in leadership positions on state, county and regional boards, and industry associations such as the Utah Alliance for Economic Development, the Governor’s Rural Partnership Board, and as a member of the Board of Trustees for Utah State University.