Locate.utah.gov virtual map has recently released a video discussing the virtual map, the availability of SURE sites information, and more quality data that is critical to business’s success in Utah.

The short youtube video about the locate map gives new and updated information about the locate.utah.gov map to better understand this broad and comprehensive map and how it affects businesses and residents alike. The virtual map includes important information on broadband availability throughout the state as well as transportation infrastructure and utilities.  The Governor’s Office of Economic Development has partnered with EDCUtah and Utah SURE Sites to create this all-encompassing virtual map.  SURE Sites has allowed the user to access information for available certified commercial real estate.  This allows businesses to make smart decision towards their needs on locations into Utah to give them the ultimate one-stop-shop for relevant data.  This is useful not only to find new locations but also to see what is available to business leaders at their current site. 

The SURE Sites addition to the website allows the user to click on these certified commercial locations to look at detailed information that is important for business leaders.  This includes not only available business focused information but also what recreational activities, education, healthcare sites, and even demographics information that is available near that site.  This allows businesses, specifically those that are not familiar with Utah, to better understand the geographic area of a possible business location.

EDCUtah is a nonprofit organization that has worked with state and local government as well as private industry since 1987 to attract and grow competitive and high-value companies that will help Utah expand.  EDCUtah hosts the Utah SURE (Select Utah Real Estate) Sites that is database of qualified project sites featuring industrial buildings, office spaces and shovel-ready land sites

“Locate.utah.gov,” as Val Hale, the Executive Director of The Governor’s Office of Economic Development, describes, “is a visional representation of what it’s like to work, live, and play in Utah.”

Here are more links about locate.utah.gov map and the Utah SURE sites on our Utah Broadband Outreach Center website: