PTAC News: Millennial Challenge Corporation

Pete CodellaNews

On Wednesday, July 20, Utah PTAC was pleased to host an outreach event from the Millennial Challenge Corporation (MCC), a U.S. Federal Government Agency that provides foreign aid and economic development assistance to qualifying international partners. The event was in collaboration with the World Trade Center Utah and GOED’s International Trade and Diplomacy Office.

Utah PTAC welcomed MCC speakers Probhat Garg, Jim Blades, and Tamara Heimur from Washington DC. The MCC contingent outlined to Utah small businesses the procurement opportunities related to energy, education, and infrastructure projects available internationally. In addition they discussed the foreign investment and domestic procurement opportunities that support the MCC mission.

A highlight of the training event was learning that Utah small businesses may partner with established World Bank and MCC contractors to provide value-added services on an international scale.

For more information regarding MCC procurement opportunities please contact Keith Christiansen, Deputy Director Utah PTAC, at

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