Spring 2013 Broadband Data Submission

Pete CodellaNews

BBMap_TechTypesSmallThe Utah Broadband Project works with 53 broadband providers in Utah twice a year to update Utah’s broadband mapping dataset. On April 1, 2013, the Utah Broadband Project submitted the latest broadband mapping dataset to the NTIA. Twenty eight providers updated their service coverage for the April 1 data submission. Many providers increased advertised speeds and/or coverage areas. For a complete list of providers with updates this round, check out the Utah Broadband Map Update Log.

Notable updates include:

  • New to the Project are Connext and Webwave, fixed wireless providers that are both serving northern Utah. 
  • CenturyLink added fiber to the premise to some areas in Utah.
  • Covad Communications changed their name to MegaPath Corporation, due to a merger of the two companies.
  • Emery Telcom, Spanish Fork Community, and Frontier network submitted primarily commercial broadband services for the first time. Note that commercial areas are not on our interactive broadband map, but are submitted to the NTIA and used for analysis.
  • Skycasters and Starband are satellite providers that are new to the Project.
  • Syringa is a business-only fiber provider new to the Project. Syringa provides business services in northern Utah.
  • Xpressweb, a fixed wireless provider, added fiber to the premise to their service area. This is their first wireline service.

All mapping data has been updated on our interactive broadband web map. Other maps are also available on our map resources page.