STEM Action Center Partners with Intermountain Healthcare to Expand Health Science Learning

Pete CodellaNews

Come this fall, Utah teachers will be able to implement health science learning into core curriculum thanks to a partnership between the Utah STEM Action Center and Intermountain Healthcare.

Intermountain recently made a $200,000 donation to the STEM Action Center. As a result of this contribution, the STEM Action Center will bring Utah teachers and experts from Intermountain together this summer to develop learning modules around healthcare, medicine, nutrition, outdoor recreation and sports science, all of which will align with Common Core standards.

The learning modules will take health back to its fundamentals, allowing teachers to incorporate the subject matter into Core math and science concepts. Modules will also include examples of hands-on activities and healthcare career opportunities.

“As a not-for-profit healthcare system, Intermountain’s priority is to improve health in the communities we serve,” said Mikelle Moore, vice president of community benefit for Intermountain Healthcare. “We are grateful to assist the Utah STEM Action Center to meet their goals to grow STEM awareness throughout the state of Utah.”

Once the modules have been developed this summer, they will be made available to teachers for the upcoming school year. The STEM Action Center and Intermountain will help to promote these learning modules through hands-on activities, field trips and various other measures to ensure they become available to students statewide.

“We are excited to work with Intermountain Healthcare to help students and teachers see that STEM is a part of healthcare and medicine,” said Dr. Tamara Goetz, Utah STEM Action Center executive director. “We also want them to see where STEM intersects with a healthy lifestyle and connects with how they live and how they have fun. This can include nutrition, sports and outdoor recreation. Ultimately, we want them to translate these learning experiences to the diverse and exciting career options that exist within the world of healthcare.”