Please note: This information was last updated many years ago and is here to preserve a historical record. The contents of this post may be out of date and no longer applicable to GOED's work.

Last week, our phenomenal GIS mapping team at AGRC, submitted our state’s biannual broadband availability data submission to the NTIA for publication in the National Broadband Map.

We’re happy to report that EVERY broadband provider in Utah that we reached out to participated in this submission. That is 50 providers in Utah, who are all volunteering their time and efforts to improve the broadband landscape for our state.  To see if your broadband provider is listed and learn more about their available services, please see our list of partnering providers.  Here are some statistical highlights from this data submission:

  • 140,000+ data records submitted
  • 50 broadband providers submitting data
  • 100% of counties have at least some wired broadband service.
  • 97% of counties have at least some wired broadband service at or above 3 megabits per second (mbps), 86% at or above 10 mbps, and 62% at or above 25 mbps.
  • 100% of counties have at lease some wireless broadband service at or above 3 mbps.