Talent Ready Utah and Partners Announce New Youth Apprenticeship Program

Pete CodellaNews

Talent Ready Utah Center, in partnership with Salt Lake Community College, Salt Lake City School District, Salt Lake Education Foundation and Stadler US today announced the start of a new youth apprenticeship program for the state of Utah. The program will be called Talent Ready Apprenticeship Connection (TRAC).

“The Talent Ready Apprenticeship Connection creates a strong partnership with industry and education, working together to increase the talent pipeline in Utah,” said Gov. Herbert. “This model works well in Utah because of our collaborative culture of working together to solve difficult problems. This program will be a shining example in our state and the nation.”

TRAC is designed to provide meaningful work experience for students engaged in learning the skills they need for a successful career. Students split their time between the classroom and workplace, applying knowledge through a hands-on learning routine. As part-time employees of Stadler US, students earn a wage pursuing their education toward a high-paying career. By linking the efforts of industry and education, the TRAC program creates a model that is beneficial to both students and businesses.

“We strive to be a part of the community and provide opportunities for Salt Lake City,” said Martin Ritter, CEO of Stadler US “Apprenticeships are standard in many European countries, where students can gain hands-on work experience, alongside theoretical training from day one. It’s with great pleasure that we announce such a program for Utah students.”

Salt Lake City School District is the first Utah district to provide a youth apprenticeship model of this kind. Students complete the first year of the program during their senior year, where the time is split 50/50 between school and apprenticing at Stadler US. After the students complete their first year, they’ll then attend Salt Lake Community College, with full tuition paid for by Stadler US, as they continue the apprenticeship for two more years.

“Salt Lake City School District is honored to partner with Stadler US in creating an apprenticeship program for our students,” said Dr. Lexi Cunningham, superintendent of Salt Lake City School District. “Allowing students an opportunity to attend school and apprentice at Stadler US will help them better prepare for future success.”

Sixteen students have been selected to begin the program this fall. They will be the first students in Utah to participate. Following successful completion of the three-year program, students are eligible to be hired as a full-time employee at Stadler US.

A work apprenticeship approach can help youth map a course to a successful career without spending valuable time and going into substantial debt often required to complete a four-year degree.

Learn more about the Talent Ready Apprenticeship Connection here.