Utah Business Survey

The 2022 Utah Business Survey

Pete CodellaCenter for Rural Development, News

An Invitation From Gov. Cox To Participate in Utah’s Coordinated Action Plan 

The State of Utah is committed to serving businesses across the state with resources and services that meet the dynamic needs of each sector. As Utah experiences rapid growth, retaining this recognition and strengthening economic opportunity for all will take focus, collaboration, and planning.

Gov. Cox invites business leaders throughout the state to participate in a 10-minute survey and help advise policy decisions that impact Utah businesses daily. State leaders are working on a Coordinated Action Plan to implement Utah’s Economic Vision 2030. As our economic partners, we need your input to inform an effective planning process.

The survey is anonymous and will use no identifying information in the output of results. Please share your experiences and thoughts to help us plan for Utah’s robust and sustainable economic future. 

We value your honest answers and appreciate your time to answer these questions.