Utah #3 U.S. States with the Fastest Population Increases
Utah #3 Fastest GDP Growth by State
Utah #4 Fastest Percentage Increase in Employment by State
Salt Lake City #4 Best Airports in the U.S. by Fewest Delays
Utah #5 Top States by On-Time Departures on U.S. Carriers, Flying Domestically
Salt Lake City #7 Metropolitan Areas with the Best Public Transportation
Salt Lake City #7 Newest Convention Centers in the U.S.
Salt Lake City #9 Highest Percentage of Adults Attending Live Theater, Opera or Symphony at Least Once a Year by City
Utah #9 Top States by Number of Visitors to State Parks
Utah #11 Lowest Unemployment Rate by State
Utah #14 Most Ski Resorts by State
Utah #14 Top States by Highest Median Household Income
Utah #15 Top States and Territories Visited by Overseas Travelers in the U.S.
Utah #15 Top States by Travel Industry Employment’s Share of Small Business Employment
Utah #16 Top States by International Advertising and Sales Promotion Budgets
Salt Lake City #17 Most Visited Tourist Attractions in the U.S.
Salt Lake City #17 Cities With the Most Sites on the National Register for Historic Places
Utah #17 Top States With Most Interstate Highways
Utah #19 Top States by Travel-Generated State Tax Receipts
Salt Lake City #20 Top U.S. Cities by Passenger Origin on U.S. Carriers, Domestic Air Travel