Please note: This information was last updated many years ago and is here to preserve a historical record. The contents of this post may be out of date and no longer applicable to GOED's work.

Click above to view maps including a comparison of the coverage of all broadband providers in Utah vs. only independent/rural providers

The Utah Broadband Project Team recently attended the Tri-State Telecommunications Conference in Jackson, WY. The conference focused on issues relevant to independent and mostly rural telecommunications providers in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. Many of the sessions focused on the impact that changes to the federal Universal Service Fund (USF) will have on these providers. Several speakers also offered advice on increasing revenues by offering new services to existing and future customers.

During the conference, the Project Team hosted a booth which displayed broadband coverage maps highlighting availability by spread, technology type, provider service area, and in relationship to population distribution.

Presentation Highlights

Stacey Brigham, a Regulatory Consultant at TCA, gave a presentation on the impacts of USF reform on telecommunications providers.

Stacey Brigham, TCA from Utah Broadband Project

Dr. Anne M. Alexander, the Director of International Programs for the University of Wyoming, gave a presentation on the economic outlooks of Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho.

Dr. Anne M. Alexander, University of Wyoming from Utah Broadband Project

Troy Babbitt, the Enterprise Broadband Coordinator for the State of Wyoming, gave an update on Wyoming’s State Broadband Initiative (a fellow SBI grantee).

Troy Babbit, State of Wyoming from Utah Broadband Project