In the U.S. today, if you combine state, local, and federal taxes, the tax burden on companies is among the highest the world. Add labor costs, and we are one of the highest cost nations to do business in. American companies, if they are to survive in a global economy, must be located in the most pro-business locations possible.

The Pollina Corporate Top 10 Pro-Business States study is based on 32 factors that our clients indicate are most important and more than 30 years of experience as site selectors. We weigh all factors based on the requirements of our corporate clients and our three decades of site selection experience.

Our ranking takes a comprehensive two-stage approach. Stage I, Labor, Taxes and Other Factors, is based on 19 factors, including taxes, human resources, right-to-work legislation, energy costs, infrastructure spending, worker compensation legislation, and jobs lost or gained. Stage II, Incentives and State Economic Development Agency Factors evaluation, examined 13 additional state government-controlled factors, including state financial incentive programs and state economic development department evaluations.

  • 1. Utah
  • 2. Virginia
  • 3. Wyoming
  • 4. North Dakota
  • 5. Indiana
  • 6. Nebraska
  • 7. South Dakota
  • 8. Kansas
  • 9. Missouri
  • 10. Oklahoma