Utah Leads Together

Pete CodellaNews, COVID-19

Gov. Gary Herbert recently released his economic recovery plan titled Utah Leads Together — Utah’s Plan for a Health and Economic Recovery prepared by his Coronavirus economic task force.  

This dynamic plan includes three phases to protect lives and livelihoods.

  • Urgent Phase — This is the phase we are in right now and is expected to last 8–12 weeks. The objective is clear: minimize the spread of COVID-19 through strict social distancing measures.

  • Stabilization Phase — This phase is expected to be the longest — likely lasting 10 to 14 weeks as monetary and fiscal policies take effect. The main objectives are to make sure there is no backtracking, provide promising medical treatments and continue to lay the groundwork for a complete economic recovery.

  • Recovery Phase — During the final phase, workers will likely return to work with some precautions, in-house restaurant dining slowly will return and retail, entertainment, tourism, cultural and other industries will begin to recover.

The plan represents countless hours of work by Gov. Herbert’s Economic Response Task Force and many hours of cooperation and collaboration.

Utahns are encouraged to read and implement the plan’s recommendations. The more strictly the citizens of Utah adhere to the Department of Health guidelines, the faster we’ll get the state’s economy back on track.

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