Utah STEM Action Center Establishes Foundation and Appoints Director

Pete CodellaNews

Under direction from the Utah Legislature, the Utah STEM Action Center officially filed for the creation of the Utah STEM Foundation on May 5.

The Foundation will align with the Utah STEM Action Center’s mission and goals to promote science, technology, engineering and math through best practices in education. This will ensure connection with industry and secure Utah’s long-term economic prosperity.

“The creation of the Utah STEM Foundation allows the STEM Action Center to better serve Utah students and teachers through more productive relationships with Utah companies,” said Dr. Tamara Goetz, executive director of the Utah STEM Action Center. “It allows us to work more effectively with our Utah companies to leverage the wonderful investment that the legislators of Utah and the governor have made in the Utah STEM community.”

At the April 27 Utah STEM Action Center board meeting, Allison Spencer, former Foundation Director for Canyons School District, accepted the role as director of the Utah STEM Foundation.

Spencer has a wealth of knowledge and more than a decade of experience as a non-profit professional and consultant. As the previous foundation director for Canyons School District, she was responsible for the formation of a foundation board. Together they successfully raised awareness and funds for STEM related programs throughout the district.

Now in a statewide role, Spencer welcomes the opportunity to work closely with community leaders and local businesses to achieve the goals and objectives of the STEM Action Center.

“The Utah STEM Foundation has been created to enhance STEM funding and resource opportunities for teachers and students throughout our state,” Spencer said. “Our goal is to create sustainable programs to connect industry into the classroom, and increase workforce opportunities that will fuel our economy.”

For more information on how to partner or get involved with the Utah STEM Foundation, please call the Director Allison Spencer at 801-520-5235.