Utah’s Peru Trade Mission Strengthens Export Potential

Pete CodellaNews

Utah’s trade mission to Peru hit the ground running, when key members of the delegation were received by Peruvian President Ollanta Humala. Through the efforts of this trade mission, and the memorandum of understanding, President Humala has opened the doors of international trade between Utah and Peru.

Trade mission participant, Baldomero Lago, Senior Director of International & Multicultural Studies at Utah Valley University noted, “Recently a lot has been said about the economic growth in Peru and little is being said about the efforts of higher education to meet the demands created by this growth.”

Universities in Peru are ready and willing to establish exchanges with universities in Utah. “Peruvian universities are seeking for professional development and research opportunities. They are reaching out in the spirit of collaboration toward a global community,” Lago said. “What a unique opportunity for universities in the State of Utah to jump on this bandwagon and become partners with one of the leading countries on economic growth in the world.

Representatives from seven Utah based educational institutions were able to have one-on-one meetings with Peruvian education officials. Peruvian government and education leaders have expressed the need for stronger ties to Utah universities and these meetings have created more opportunities for Peruvian students to receive post-secondary education in Utah.

Another success of the trade mission has been the response of Peruvian construction companies to the products produced by ChispaVital (Vital Spark), a Utah based metal frame home construction company. The response has been so positive, representatives from the company are already planning a return visit.

“We have enjoyed an incredibly warm response and significant interest in our housing product from multiple individuals in various public sector organizations and private sector companies during our meetings in Peru,” Bartley Matthews, Owner and CEO of ChispaVital said. “In fact, the response has been so promising that we will return in two months to participate in a trade show featuring our product at the invitation of the housing ministry. This unique opportunity and the new partnerships that we have developed are direct results of our participation on the trade mission and are essential to our company’s strategy for success in Peru.”

Peru is a nation on the rise, and the messaging has been quite clear, not only from President Humala, but also from his Ministers and key business leaders. The international trade pipeline has already been established and now that pipeline will start to flow in both directions.

“There are companies with us on this trade mission that will make a difference here in Peru, exporting products and expertise, which ultimately translates into more jobs for Utah residents.” Harvey Scott, International Trade and Diplomacy Office Director said.

The trade mission will return to Utah on Sunday August 25th.