What Factors Influence Internet Speeds?

Pete CodellaNews

Several factors can impact Internet speed performance and sometimes even users who are paying for higher speeds may experience slower connections than expected. Factors such as the distance from a server, network congestion, and computer hardware and software can affect the user’s experience.

Using the online speed test found on our website, users can compare their speeds at various times of day and using various configurations of hardware and software. Broadband connections may slow down during peak internet usage times and end-user hardware and software may also affect speeds.

For example, without regular computer maintenance, programs may continue to run and slow down processing speeds. Spyware can be unknowingly loaded to a computer by surfing certain sites or by downloading certain programs and needs to be cleaned off to enhance performance. Modems and routers may also impact speeds and users may experience a difference in speed between a wired and wireless connection.

Last week, the Salt Lake Tribune published an article, “Oh My Tech: Tips to speed up your computer’s lagging performance,” that gives tips on how to prevent computer slowdowns. Two other recent articles, one titled “Why Is My PC Slow?” featured on PCWorld.com and “How to Maximize the Speed of Your Internet Connection,” on wikiHow.com also give tips on how to improve computer performance and maximize internet speeds.

More information on speed tests can be found on one of our earlier blog posts titled “What is a ‘Broadband Speed Test’?”