Why Consult When You Can Learn: Build Your Own Global Brand

Pete CodellaNews

It’s one thing to have to stand out among local competitors. It’s a whole different ballgame when it comes to standing out internationally, and the global brand playing field is far different from former years. The Utah Global Forum will help business owners learn how to play and win this game.

“The ways that companies connect with customers and create value has shifted dramatically in the past 50 years,” said Sam Paschel, chief commercial officer of Skullcandy, Inc.“The importance for brands to tell compelling, benefit-based stories in a way that can resonate globally is more critical today than it has ever been.”

Paschel will be a featured presenter at the Utah Global Forum on importing and exporting at the Salt Palace Convention Center on August 26.  His presentation on global marketing will be followed by an in-depth panel on the subject.

Both discussions are intended to help Utah business owners understand the best practices for building a global audience and developing strong brands abroad. Topics will include connectivity, mobile media and various foreign market challenges. Presenters and panelists will provide insights from their own experiences to help attendees create tailor-made marketing for expanding their businesses worldwide.

The Utah Global Forum on importing and exporting will focus on a total of four key components: successfully marketing in foreign countries, global supply chain, cybersecurity and international finance strategies. Each topic will be highlighted in an engaging, fast-paced presentation, after which attendees will be able to go to an in-depth breakout session about the subject they found most interesting.

Register by August 12 for a discounted price. To learn more and to register for the event, visit UtahGlobalForum.com.