Utah Children's Outdoor Recreation and Education Grant

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UCORE programs help provide high-quality, outdoor-focused learning experiences to youth ages 6-18 and teach them the physical skills that can make outdoor recreation part of a healthy and active lifestyle. UCORE complements the state’s Every Kid Outdoors (EKO) Initiative and hopes to provide more opportunities so no child is left inside.

Elevated Mountain Guides, Project Climb

Elevated Mountain Guides, a 2020 UCORE grant recipient, is committed to empowering underserved communities – locally and abroad – looking to access the outdoors, expand their expertise, and engage with nature. Through their program, Project Climb, they work in local climbing gyms to develop the skills and confidence to get outdoors, utilizing therapeutic techniques to aid their participants in the outdoors and their daily lives. The Utah Children’s Outdoor Recreation and Education (UCORE) grant will help to support this program and expand outdoor access to underserved youth in the greater Salt Lake area.

Grant Information

UCORE Grant Eligibility

The types of outdoor recreation or nature exploration categories eligible for UCORE grants are listed below.

We realize skill building for some activities is best begun in a controlled environment before youth are ready to move to the practice of their skills in a natural or outdoor environment. For example, it may be necessary to teach basic skills for horseback riding in an arena or enclosed corral or climbing in a climbing gym before moving the activity into the natural environment. A program is eligible as long as the program progresses in skill-building and ends with the youth in the natural environment.

Contact Tara McKee (tmckee@utah.gov) or Patrick Morrison (patrickmorrison@utah.gov) with any questions.