Utah Outdoor Recreation Grant

This Legislature-authorized grant helps build tourism in communities around the state through the construction and expansion of outdoor recreation amenities.

In 2013, Utah became the first state to create an Office of Outdoor Recreation. Since then, the office has become a national leader working to broaden the economic value of Utah’s outdoors through collaboration with various business and community partners.

In 2015, the office helped communities build trails and other recreation infrastructure by awarding matching grants through a pilot program. Funding for the program increased the following year. Its success led to the Utah Legislature creating a longer-term funding source to continue the grant program, now called the Utah Outdoor Recreation Grant.

Building Communities & Improving Lives

The Utah Outdoor Recreation Grant supports infrastructure projects throughout the state. See how the grant can help your community. Download the 2021 UORG Annual Report here.

Outdoor Recreation Grant at Work

Joe’s Valley is an iconic bouldering destination in Emery County, where little to no infrastructure existed, leading to concerns over environmental impacts and damage. The Access Fund worked alongside partners at Emery County, USFS, BLM, and the Salt Lake Climbers Alliance, while also receiving a Utah Outdoor Recreation Grant (UORG) to initiate a sustainability and recreation improvement project for the climbing areas in Joe’s Valley. This initiative is a valuable project to the climbers in the area and the Emery County towns and cities see the economic benefits of the area’s improvement.

National Ability Center

Founded in 1985 and based in Park City, Utah, the National Ability Center (NAC) believes that individuals with disabilities should enjoy the full range of activities life can offer. Through these experiences, individuals can gain the self-confidence, self-esteem, and motivation necessary to become active participants in all aspects of community life. With support from the Utah Outdoor Recreation Grant (UORG), NAC made improvements and increased the variety of adaptive elements on their challenger course to provide a greater range of experiences and attract more individuals of all abilities to this outdoor recreational activity. Their work continues to provide a model for how we can better support adaptive recreation.

Iron Hills Biking Trails

The Trails Alliance of Southern Utah and the Bureau of Land Management, with support from a Utah Outdoor Recreation Grant (UORG), partnered to add 6 miles of quality trail to the Iron Hills Trail System in Cedar City, solidifying its role as one of the state's premier mountain biking destinations. With expanded recreation infrastructure and higher visitation, this trail system now supports riders of all skill levels, local mountain bike teams, and clubs. The updated trail system also helps Cedar City's economy.

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