Podcast: Mori Paulsen — Empowering Communities with Bank of America

Kaitlyn ClarkeBusiness Elevated Podcast

Business Elevated Podcast (Season 6 Episode 17)

This podcast series features business and government leaders discussing what it’s like to live and work in the great state of Utah.

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In this episode, Pete Codella, managing director of business services at the Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity, talks with Mori Paulsen, president of Bank of America Utah.

Paulsen discusses his extensive career and deep-rooted connection to the state. He shares his journey from being born in Salt Lake City to graduating from the University of Utah and starting his career at General Electric before transitioning into wealth management. He highlights the impact of his local upbringing and the supportive business environment in Utah on his career, emphasizing the state’s nurturing ecosystem for both established professionals and budding entrepreneurs.

The conversation also delves into Bank of America’s robust community engagement and philanthropic efforts in Utah. Paulsen outlines the bank’s focus on economic mobility and support for the arts, including significant donations and volunteer programs that empower employees to give back. He mentions initiatives like the Student Leaders program, which provides high school students with valuable work experience and leadership training, and substantial investments in digital capabilities that enhance customer experiences. Paulsen also reflects on the bank’s strategic expansion in Utah, including opening numerous financial centers and creating hundreds of jobs.