Podcast: An Interview With the Ambassador of Romania

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Business Elevated Podcast (Episode 6)

This podcast is the sixth in a series featuring business and government leaders discussing what it’s like to live and work in the great state of Utah. A conversation between GOED’s Regional Director for International Trade and Diplomacy Franz Kolb and His Excellency George Maior, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Romania to the U.S.

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Welcome to the Business Elevated Podcast, where we discuss what it’s like to live and work in the great state of Utah. Did you know Utah is frequently ranked the best state for business by Forbes? This podcast is a production of the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development. Thanks for joining the conversation.


Franz Kolb (0:21): This is Franz Kolb from the Governor’s Office of Economic Development. I am the director for International Trade and Diplomacy and I’m honored today to host His Excellency George Maior, the Ambassador of the Republic of Romania to the United States. Welcome, Mr. Ambassador.

George Maior (0:39): I’m glad to be here in Utah. Thank you very much for this invitation.

Franz Kolb (0:43): Mr. Ambassador, you have had the opportunity to be here a couple of days in Utah and I just wanted to get your impression. This is now your second visit to the state. You’ve been in Moab and in some other areas. What are your impressions about Utah?

George Maior (1:00): Apart from the fact that I knew it’s a beautiful landscape, a beautiful state, which I, of course, rediscovered again, I was impressed with the people, their openness and that’s a great potential for communication among Romanians and citizens of Utah and America’s. And that’s a great achievement in my opinion because we can have a wonderful partnership in terms of politics, diplomacy, security… But we need also to develop ties at the level of our communities and peoples. This has been a great experience from this point of yours.

Franz Kolb (1:48): Your Excellence, we are very delighted that currently there has been a delegation from Romania here. Could you please comment about the delegation?

George Maior (1:57): I’m pleased that due to the efforts of our honorary counsel, Mr. Michael Divricean and his team, the first trade mission from Romania to Utah has taken place during this period with companies from Romania. I think 15 to 20 companies trying to identify the investment opportunities, business opportunities with your state from various fields because we have a very diversified economy in Romania from the IT sector for example. But, also to agriculture, real estate, business intelligence, agriculture were represented here. That means a lot in terms of a concrete development in between your wonderful state and my country.

Franz Kolb (3:05): Thank you. Your Excellency, one more question and that is Romania currently is holding the presidency of the European Commission and could you comment as to U.S. or European-U.S. relations?

George Maior (3:27): Indeed Romania is holding the presidency of the European Union Council and that means a lot in terms of our responsibility and mission to try to develop the transatlantic link continuously. The link between Europe and the U.S. which is vital from a security point of view, but also from an economic point of view. I hope that Romania pushes forward with results. The agenda of discussions between U.S. and the European Union in terms of trade and commerce, that’s very important for both America and Europe. And, we’ll have results in these respects, but also in other areas like security, defense.

We are very pro-advantegist as a nation and with this responsibility we really will try to enhance cooperation between Europe and the U.S. It’s vital that we have a strong relationship in these challenging times. With so many unexpected events occurring and so many risks and threats to order stability and to our values, which represent the great foundation of the transatlantic link.

Franz Kolb (5:04): Thank you very much Ambassador Maior, Ambassador of the Republic of Romania to the United States for visiting us in Utah.

George Maior (5:11): It was my pleasure.


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