Requirements for Land Use Authorities



*“Per Acre” means that, on average, the qualifying project has a minimum of eight residential housing units.  

*“Approve a redevelopment application” means:

(a) Entering a new redevelopment agreement, or 

(b) Modifying an existing redevelopment agreement that increases the number of housing units by a minimum of eight units per acre


Award Calculation

A land-use authority may qualify for a grant of up to $2.5 million to match a similar amount of land-use authority funds it has spent or will spend on a qualifying project. The land-use authority may receive more than one award. However, priority is given to land use authorities that have not received a prior award.

*“Spend” or “Spent” examples include:

(a) Money paid directly towards the qualifying project.

(b) Fees waived by the land use authority.

(c) Land donated towards the qualifying project.

(d) Funds expended to improve areas immediately adjacent to the qualifying project.



Applications open on October 5th.

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