Rural Communities Opportunity Grant

Eligible rural communities are encouraged to apply for the Rural Communities Opportunity Grant (RCOG).

Eligible rural communities include:

  • Counties of the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth class
  • Cities, towns, and metro townships located within those counties
  • Municipalities with a population of 10,000 or less in counties of the second class
  • Associations of Governments

The RCOG empowers rural communities to take responsibility for economic development planning, projects, and activities, and to manage their unique opportunities. The grant addresses the economic development needs of rural communities, which include:

  • Business recruitment, development, and expansion
  • Workforce training and development
  • Infrastructure, industrial building development, and capital facilities improvements for business development
Competitive Application

The RCOG is competitive and requires a funding match based on the community’s population. Applications are scored based on their quality, proposed budget, economic development projects and activities descriptions, and the purposes, goals, and measurable outcomes related to improving the community’s overall economy. Applicants are required to justify the economic development need for the grant and the amount of funding requested. Matching funds will also be required.

Application Dates:

Intent to Apply:
Opens: July 1, 2024
Closes: August 30, 2024

Apply now

RCOG Application
Opens: Sept. 16, 2024
Closes: Oct. 30, 2024

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