Meet The Team

Vic Hockett

Talent Ready Utah Director

Vic Hockett is the director of Talent Ready Utah. He has over 17 years of operations and leadership experience in the manufacturing sector and more than eight years of experience in executive-level leadership and instruction in higher education. His previous professional roles include director of operations, quality manager, plant manager, and executive vice president.

Scott Romney

Talent Ready Utah Program Manager

Scott Romney is the program manager for Talent Ready. He oversees Utah’s Career Pathways programs focusing on six Utah industries, including aerospace manufacturing, diesel technology, medical innovation, construction, technology, and aviation.

Romney also manages the Talent Ready Apprenticeship Connection program, the state’s youth apprenticeship program. He helped develop workforce programs for targeted industries from the ground up. Romney uses his educational background in public administration to build strong connections between government, industry, and education partners.

Rachelle Ackley

Talent Ready Utah Program Specialist

Rachelle Ackley graduated from the University of Utah, where she received her bachelor’s degree in English. She has worked as an office coordinator and insurance producer for a local Salt Lake City brokerage, including experience supporting office management for the KPMG International Cooperative.

Ackley assists in sustaining and developing Utah’s Career Pathways programs. She supports work-based learning programs and seeks to create more significant partnerships between industry and education to serve Utah students. In her role, she convenes industry and education leaders to fill the talent pipeline for sectors that significantly impact Utah’s economy.

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