Did you know? The fifth node of the original Internet was at the University of Utah. (Today, the state’s broadband infrastructure gives us the fastest Internet speeds west of the Mississippi). And in 1985, Utah was home to two of the largest software companies in the world – Novell and WordPerfect. Our state has been the home of strong IT and software companies for more than two and half decades, and the last few years have made “Silicon Slopes” a household name.

Sure, we have Google, Amazon and Dell EMC. More remarkable are the companies that have started and grown here: Pluralsight, Qualtrics, Instructure, and Vivint, to name a few. There is no question that Utah is poised for a continually strong tech industry. With a job growth rate of nearly six percent, we easily outpace national statistics.

Learn About IT and Software in Utah

By the Numbers

As of last year, Utah’s tech industry accounted for 4,201 establishments and 68,184 employees.


Forbes named Salt Lake City as the No. 1 city “Poised to Become Tomorrow’s Tech Meccas”


Tech is super-charging several other industries in Utah including healthcare, financial services and real estate.

On the Map

In terms of venture capital, Utah punches above its weight. Provo and Salt Lake City once surpassed Silicon Valley in per-deal averages.


Thanks to rapid growth, there are thousands of tech job openings in Utah. Join us!

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