Capital Access Program

If you’re a bank, credit union, or Community Development Financial Institution, you may be eligible to participate in the Utah Small Business Credit Initiative Capital Access Program (USBCI CAP).

The USBCI CAP is a flexible loan loss reserve program that helps lenders fund projects considered too risky for conventional lending. The program runs from 2023-2030.

Through the USBCI CAP, the state provides funds to a dedicated loan loss reserve account that lenders can utilize if a loan defaults. Approved loan loss reserve accounts are eligible for the USBCI CAP in an amount equal to the premiums paid by the borrower and the financial institution lender to the reserve fund. This amount is calculated on a loan-by-loan basis (Treasury Guidelines, pgs. 15-16).

The reserve account balance increases with each loan enrolled. Once the reserve account has accumulated sufficient reserves, it can provide up to 100% reimbursement to a lender for any enrolled loan that defaults.

Program highlights:

  • Expands access to credit for small business borrowers.
  • Enhances Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) efforts.
  • Maximizes private investment per dollar of public capital.
  • Provide loans up to $5 million.
  • Best fit for loans under $250,000.

Program Partners

Eligible program partners include insured depository institutions, federally-insured credit unions, and CDFIs. 

To apply to participate in the program, click the button below and select the “USBCI Capital Access Program Lender Application.” USBCI staff will review applications and notify participants upon approval. 

If approved, financial institutions will be asked to execute a USBCI CAP Lender Master Agreement and adhere to the program’s terms and conditions before individual loan transactions are approved.


Program Participation

The following resources are available to USBCI CAP-enrolled lenders.