Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Utah Small Business Credit Initiative?

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The Utah Small Business Credit Initiative (USBCI) is $69 million in federal funding to help small businesses access loans. 

It consists of three lending programs:

  1. Capital Access Program
  2. Loan Guarantee Program
  3. Loan Participation Program

How Do I Apply?

Small businesses can apply for loans from this program through a USBCI-approved lender. A list of enrolled lenders will be posted as soon as it becomes available.

How Do I Know What Program Is Right for Me?

There are three available programs:

What Are the USBCI Application Requirements?

USBCI uses financial institutions' underwriting criteria to determine eligibility for its programs. Small businesses should prepare for this program like they would a traditional loan application, including preparing financial statements, personal and business credit scores, business plans/intended use, and collateral options.

Do I Have to Pay Back This Funding?

Yes. USBCI is a loan program, not a grant program. Loans under this program are not forgiven. If you are interested in grants, click here for Go Utah grants.

How Is This Different From SBA Lending Programs?

USBCI expands access to capital, especially for underserved communities. If a small business is eligible for a traditional lending product, including one backed by an SBA lending program, it will be deemed ineligible for the USBCI.

How Long Will Program Funding Last?

USBCI is a long-term federal economic development program. The program will operate until 2030.

USBCI Office Hours

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