USBCI-Enrolled Lenders List

The Utah Small Business Credit Initiative (USBCI) partners with financial institutions to provide small businesses with loans. Please find a list of USBCI-enrolled lenders below. Because this program is new to Utah, our lender list will start small and grow throughout 2023.

Businesses can access complete program information on our website. The USBCI-enrolled lender list is updated, and small businesses can contact those lenders to apply for a loan. Because this is a new and complex financial program, we will add lenders regularly over the next 12 months as they are approved and onboarded. Please expect that to be a slow process. The compliance requirements behind it are significant, requiring lenders to integrate Treasury's requirements into their system and train their staff.

Capital Access Program


Type: CDFI

Loan Participation Program

LPP-enrolled lenders will be posted as soon as they are available.