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The Decorworx team of craftsmen strives to elevate retailers’ image across Utah and the U.S. For 25 years, the award-winning Decorworx team has strengthened independent grocers across the country by customizing their store décor to reflect their story, specific brand, and unique demographics. Creating innovative designs and memorable customer experiences for independently owned businesses is their passion.

In 2011, Decorworx recognized its abilities could extend beyond the Intermountain West and prepared to go nationwide. Similar to business, the company’s history is filled with highs, as well as its fair share of lows, important milestones, and several years of expansion and growth. 

As a result, their award-winning stores have received national recognition. “Over the past several years, our dedicated staff created numerous award-winning stores in Utah, Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Louisiana,” said Jeff Dansie, CEO of Decorworx, “We are continuing to expand and now are located in most states.”

Decorworx understands every client has a distinct brand with a unique story and works to meet each client’s specific needs while building lasting client relationships. As a result, each business’s interior is designed with an individual store and community in mind. Our sales team works tirelessly to understand clients’ needs and translate their ideas into high-impact décor, notes Dansie.

In the past four years, Decorworx experienced immense growth, beginning with the purchase and remodel of their new headquarters in Cedar City, Utah. In 2016, Decorworx purchased the 100-year-old Utah Parks Garage as the primary office for team members and renovated it. It deliberately created a space that was both functional and inspiring for team members by renovating the space. 

“We’ve been able to integrate ourselves into the Cedar City community. They’ve been so welcoming. We even serve on several boards and help out with several of the city’s events,” said Dansie.

Decorworx proudly pays 125% of the typical wage in Iron County to more than 65 employees and has invested over $6 million in capital improvements.

In 2017, Decorworx experienced the retail industry’s growing trend with shopping habits moving from in-store shopping to online purchases. Initially, their sales grew as retailers raced to make their stores more inviting, and in 2018, Decorworx achieved record revenue and profit during the first half of the year, notes Dansie.

Since then, Decorworx expanded its team and offerings, which enabled it to serve many businesses in Utah and nationwide. In addition to fully customizing products for businesses, Decorworx offers a standard collection on its website for companies that want a custom look but have smaller budgets.

In the future, Decorworx expects to see even more growth as they continue to serve businesses nationwide.

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Decorworx’s 100-year-old Bus Garage renovation