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Salt Lake City Cityscape
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Dynamic Economy

In the most recent Hachman Index, Utah has the 3rd most diverse economy in the country. It is also one of the fastest-growing. This translates to an economic environment that has long-term stability and sustainability.

GOED FundamentalsIs it the quality of life? The great vistas, the four seasons that affords world renowned recreation and outdoor activities? These certainly contribute to the reasons businesses thrive here.

Is it the productive workforce? Utah workers have long been considered one of the most productive and well educated populations in the country. Boasting the one of the youngest workforces in America at 30 years old and a half-million children in K-12 the State has several decades of power house success ahead of it.

Certainly they are a part of the success story. Also a major part is the sound management of the State. Utah was recognized by The Pew Center on the States as the “Best Managed State in the Nation.” A fiscally conservative legislature has worked hard with the Governor over the years to establish a well managed and progressive governmental platform that provides predictability in spending, tax policy and a business friendly climate. If there is anything business leaders around the world crave it is a safe, stable and predictable place to conduct business. Utah is that place.