Women in the Economy Commission

The Women in the Economy Commission increases public and government understanding of the current and future impact and needs of women and how those needs can be met.

How It Started

In May 2014, House Bill 90 was signed into law, creating ​the​ Women in the Economy Commission. The Commission promotes women’s role in Utah’s economy and seeks to improve conditions for women to participate in the workforce. It also identifies and recommends the implementation of specific policies, procedures, and programs to respond to women’s needs in the economy and facilitates coordination of the functions of public and private entities concerned with women in the economy.

In the 2022 General Legislative Session, the Women in the Economy Commission became a subcommittee of the Unified Economy Opportunity Commission (UEOC). The UEOC is chaired by Gov. Cox and includes senior leaders from Utah’s legislative and executive branches, education, local government, and subject matter experts. The UEOC develops, directs, and coordinates Utah’s statewide and regional economic development strategies by informing policy decisions and building consensus.

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Guiding Principles

The Women in the Economy Commission established the following guiding principles to elevate the status of women in Utah:

  • Assisting Individual Women - We value each Utah woman as a contributor to the state’s culture and economy. We support women as they work to meet their needs and ​fulfill their ambitions effectively.​
  • Protecting Families - We respect women as caregivers and influencers in families and communities. We seek to protect the interests of women as they utilize their skillsets, paid and unpaid, to provide for their families.
  • Promoting Education - We believe education empowers women, builds confidence, and opens up opportunities​. We champion equal opportunities for girls and women to consider, access, and complete higher education.

Valuing Women in the Workplace - We value women in the workplace as contributors, leaders, and visionaries. We support women in discovering and making informed career choices. We champion women’s development, recognition, and advancement in the workplace while encouraging work-life balance.

Commission Members

Luz Escamilla
Senator (D)
Utah State Senate, District 1

Melissa Freigang
Founding Director
Weber County Prosperity Center of Excellence

Karen Leonardi
New Business Development

Karianne Lisonbee
Representative (R)
Utah State House of Representatives, District 14

Ann Millner
Senator (R)
Utah State Senate, District 18

Morgan Lyon-Cotti
Associate Director
Hinckley Institute of Politics

Kristen Floyd
Executive Director
Safe Harbor

Kori Ann Edwards
Managing Director of Strategic Initiatives
Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity

Ann Marie Wallace
State Director
Women's Business Center of Utah

Elizabeth Weight
Policy Subcommittee Chair
Representative (D)
Utah State House of Representatives, District 31