Test Utah Initiative: Assess, Test, Trace

Pete CodellaArticles, COVID-19

A new initiative is underway in Utah to dramatically increase the rate of COVID-19 testing. The push is for Utahns to have better access to testing and aims to help stem the spread of the coronavirus.

The TestUtah initiative is sponsored through Silicon Slopes in partnership with state leaders and private corporations. Its goal is to get the message out that the best thing residents can do right now to stop the spread of the virus and save lives is to take the Test Utah online health assessment. This assessment provides crucial data needed to track the spread of the virus, contain it, help find a cure and save lives.

Three Easy Steps 

Utahns can get started by following these steps.


Answer questions to determine your current risk and provide the Utah State Health Department and government leaders insight into Utah’s collective health. Respondents receive accurate, evidence-based information on COVID-19.

Repliers are asked questions such as potential exposure to the virus, ages of people in the household and social distancing practices.


Prioritization for testing is done by individuals who currently have symptoms, have interacted with someone who has already tested positive or have recently visited places where COVID-19 is widespread. Time slots are confirmed and directions give a drive-through testing location.


If individuals test positive, they are asked to answer some questions to help isolate the infection rate.

Drive-through locations are now open in Provo and Orem. New testing locations are added to accommodate 3,000+ tests per day.

Take the assessment now at testutah.com.