Utah Office of Regulatory Relief

General Regulatory Sandbox Application

The Office of Regulatory Relief administers a general regulatory sandbox created by the Legislature in 2021. The sandbox may allow businesses to experiment with products, production methods, or services by waiving state law, temporarily allowing entrepreneurs a chance to determine if customers value products that don't fit within the state's current regulatory framework.  

To participate in the sandbox, companies must complete an online application. 

The application portal requires advance registration. To create a user account, click here. Users may have to wait up to one business day after submitting their registration before accessing the application portal.

As part of the application process, companies must complete this questionnaire (available in Word and PDF) and upload it with their online application.

If you have application questions, please contact regrelief@utah.gov.

Be sure you have answered all of the questions in the Application Questionnaire and Demonstration Proposal document (Word | PDF).

Sandbox Consumer Complaint

The Utah Office of Regulatory Relief regulates entities providing an offering through the sandbox. Complaints are one source of information on those entities and their services. We accept complaints but do not provide individual assistance to consumers seeking a resolution to their complaints.

If you would like to file a complaint, please reach out to us at regrelief@utah.gov.

Sandbox Participants

The Regulatory Relief office keeps the following information updated based upon approved sandbox applications.

About the Office of Regulatory Relief

The Regulatory Relief office invites residents and businesses to make suggestions regarding laws and regulations that could be modified or eliminated to reduce the regulatory burden facing Utah residents and businesses. If you have any suggestions please email regrelief@utah.gov.

Learn about members of the Office of Regulatory Relief's Advisory Committee here.

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